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Rudra All New Episodes In Hindi Download (480p HQ)


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Series Info

Name: Rudra: Boom Chik Chik Boom 

Release Year: 28 December 2020 (India)

Language: Hindi 

Duration: 22 Minutes (Each Episodes)

Size: 100-300MB (Each Episodes)

Quality: 480p (HQ)


Credit: Ayush Kushwani [Thanks]

SynopsisJagah, masti, magic aur evil challenges are all new! Par humara favourite hero, Rudra, aur uske dost hai sab ke liye ready! Watch the new episodes from AtoZcartoonist Site.

Rudra All New Hindi Episodes List!

<strong> Episode – 1 Magical Powers of Rudra</strong>
<strong> Episode 2 – Skylode Adventure! </strong>
<strong> Episode 3 – Magician of Wind! </strong>
<strong> Episode 4 – Centaur Magician </strong>
<strong> Episode 5 – Rudra Vs Showman</strong>
<strong> Episode 6 – The Shape Shifter! </strong>
<strong> Episode 7 – Magical Christmas Tree </strong>
<strong> Episode 8 – Sea pirates </strong>
<strong> Episode 9 – Manimals in Circus </strong>
<strong> Episode 10 – Keys to Freedom </strong>
<strong> Episode 11 – The river bender </strong>
<strong> Episode 12 – The fire controller </strong>
<strong> Episode 13 – Blind Folded Magician </strong>
<strong> Episode 15 – The Ballon Man </strong>
<strong> Episode 16 – Coward Magician </strong>
<strong> Episode 17 – The Crow Men </strong>
<strong> Episode 18 – Trapped in Potrait </strong>
<strong> Episode 19 – Snake Charmer </strong>
<strong> Episode 21 – Shadow Hunter! </strong>
<strong> Episode 22 – Hotel Adventure </strong>
<strong> Episode 23 – International Animal Race </strong>
<strong> Episode 24 – Desert Magician</strong>
<strong> Episode 25 –Mermaid Land </strong>
<strong> Episode 27 – Colorful Farming</strong>
<strong> Episode 28 – Jenny Joddy the pranksters </strong>
<strong> Episode 29 – Masquerade Party </strong>
<strong> Episode 31 – Examination Conspiracy! </strong>
<strong> Episode 32 – Evil Cake of Shakellena </strong>
<strong> Episode 33 – Mystery of Missing Student </strong>
<strong> Episode 34 – Diwali in Academy! </strong>
<strong> Episode 35 – Futuristic Magician's App </strong>
<strong> Episode 36 – The mystery of Asteriod Magician</strong>
<strong> Episode 37 – Master of Green Magic returns </strong>
<strong> Episode 38 – Shakal Memory Loss! </strong>
<strong> Episode 39 – Blue Alien</strong>
<strong> Episode 40 – Shakal As Dadaji</strong>
<strong> Episode 41 – Christmas on Christmas Tree </strong>
<strong> Episode 42 – No coming Back! </strong>
<strong> Episode 43 – New Year With Sound Master</strong>
<strong> Episode 44 – Strange Creature! </strong>
<strong> Episode 45 – Race to Mountain</strong>
<strong> Episode 46 – The fear of Varun </strong>
<strong> Episode 47 – Mystery of Music Teacher </strong>

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