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Pokemon Season 1: Indigo League [Hindi-Tamil-Telugu-English] Download (1080p FHD)

Pokemon Season 1: Indigo League [Hindi-Tamil-Telugu-English] Download (1080p FHD)
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Series Info

Show Name: Pokemon: Indigo League

Season No: 01

Total Episodes: 55

Genre: Animation | Action | Adventure

Language: Hindi + Tamil + Telugu + English (Multi Audio)

Duration: 22 Minutes (Each Episodes)

Size: 90-233MB (Each Episodes)

Quality: 1080pFHD x265 HEVC 10bit VootKids WEB-DL



It’s Ash Ketchum’s tenth birthday, and he’s ready to do what many 10-year-olds in the Kanto region set out to do—become a Pokémon Trainer! Things don’t go exactly the way he planned when he ends up with a Pikachu instead of a standard first Pokémon, and winning Gym Badges turns out to be much tougher than he thought.

Note: Episodes arranged according to VootKids Releases.

All Episodes List!!

S01E01_I_choose_you<br /> (220.99MB)
S01E02_Emergency<br /> (170.94MB)
S01E03_Ash_Catches_a<br /> (203.7MB)
S01E04_Challenge_of_the_Samurai<br /> (189.53MB)
S01E05_Showdown_in_Pewter_City<br /> (188.03MB)
S01E06_Clefairy_and_the_Moon_Stone<br /> (200.62MB)
S01E07_The_Water_Flowers_of_Cerulean_City<br /> (208.09MB)
S01E08_The_Path_to_the_League<br /> (204.73MB)
S01E09_The_School_of_Hard_Knocks<br /> (203.32MB)
S01E10_Bulbasaur_and_the_Hidden_Village<br /> (215.36MB)
S01E11_Charmander_The_Stray<br /> (191.76MB)
S01E12_Here_Comes_The_Squirtle_Squad<br /> (188.68MB)
S01E13_Mystery_At_The_Lighthouse<br /> (148.94MB)
S01E14_Electric_Shock_Showdown<br /> (90.41MB)
S01E15_Battle_Aboard_the_St_Anne<br /> (233.14MB)
S01E16_Shipwreck<br /> (185.13MB)
S01E17_Island_of_the_Giant<br /> (226.67MB)
S01E18_Tentacool_and_Tentacruel<br /> (192.05MB)
S01E19_The_Ghost_of_Maidens_Peak<br /> (191.25MB)
S01E20_Ashs_Butterfree_falls_in_love<br /> (227.33MB)
S01E21_Abra_and_the_Psychic_Showdown<br /> (153.69MB)
S01E22_The_Tower_of_Terror<br /> (184.05MB)
S01E23_Haunter_Versus_Kadabra<br /> (165.31MB)
S01E24_Primeape_Goes_Bananas<br /> (198.01MB)
S01E25_Scent_station<br /> (176.49MB)
S01E26_Hypnos_Naptime_0<br /> (245.99MB)
S01E27_Fashion_Flash<br /> (184.3MB)
S01E28_The_Punchy<br /> (172.62MB)
S01E30_Dig_Those_Diglett<br /> (166.0MB)
S01E31_The_Ninja_Poke_Showdown<br /> (183.31MB)
S01E32_The_Flame_athon<br /> (233.8MB)
S01E33_The_Kangaskhan_Kid<br /> (185.39MB)
S01E34_The_Bridge_Bike_Gang<br /> (209.06MB)
S01E35_Dittos_Mysterious_Mansion<br /> (196.35MB)
S01E36_Pikachus_Goodbye<br /> (189.66MB)
S01E37_The_Battling_Eevee_Brothers<br /> (201.76MB)
S01E38_Wake_Up_Snorlax<br /> (156.55MB)
S01E39_Showdown_at_Dark_City<br /> (219.91MB)
S01E40_The_March_of_the_Exeggutor_Squad<br /> (249.8MB)
S01E41_The_Problem_with_Paras<br /> (203.43MB)
S01E42_The_Song_of_Jigglypuff<br /> (195.07MB)
S01E43_Attack_of_the_Prehistoric<br /> (244.96MB)
S01E44_A_Chansey_Operation<br /> (180.12MB)
S01E45_Holy_Matrimony_0<br /> (203.15MB)
S01E46_So_Near_Yet_So_Farfetchd<br /> (182.95MB)
S01E47_Who_Gets_To_Keep_Togepi<br /> (190.49MB)
S01E48_Bulbasaurs_Mysterious_Garden<br /> (227.3MB)
S01E52_The_Case_of_the_K_9_Caper<br /> (156.54MB)
S01E53_Paparazzi<br /> (194.38MB)
S01E54_The_Ultimate_Test<br /> (201.6MB)
S01E55_The_Breeding_Center_Secret<br /> (191.48MB)

Note: The Default Audio Of The Above Links Is Hindi, So Kindly Use MX/VLC Player For Your Desired Audios.

Season 01 Completed, Enjoy!!

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