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Haddi Mera Buddy

Haddi Mera Buddy Season 2 [Hindi-Tamil-Telugu-English] Download (576pHQ)

Haddi Mera Buddy Season 2 Download
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Series Info

Show Name: Haddi Mera Buddy

Season No: 02

Total Episodes: 22

Genre: Animated | Satire | Comedy

Language: Telugu + Tamil + Hindi + English (Multi Audio)

Duration: 07 Minutes (Each Episodes)

Size: 145-223MB (Each Episodes)

Quality: 576pHQ x264 VootKids WEB-DL


Credit: TheDNK


A show featuring the exploits of the Grim Reaper, forced into being the best friend of two children.

Note: Episodes Aren’t Encoded In HEVC Right Now, But We’re Encoding it’s Episodes, And Will Upload ASAP!

All Episodes List!!

S02E14.01 The crawling niceness<br /> (145.9MB)
S02E14.02 Smarten up!<br /> (124.26MB)
S02E14.03 The Grim show<br /> (131.97MB)
S02E15.02 Sister grim<br /> (127.91MB)
S02E15.03 Go-kart 3000<br /> (130.12MB)
S02E16.01 Terror of the black knight<br /> (140.8MB)
S02E16.03 The halls of time<br /> (138.22MB)
S02E18 Billy & Mandys jacked-up halloween<br /> (439.94MB)
S02E19.01 Spiders little daddy<br /> (203.29MB)
S02E20.01 Dumb luck<br /> (209.07MB)
S02E20.02 No body loves grim<br /> (183.56MB)
S02E21.01 Lil porkchop<br /> (209.07MB)
S02E21.02 Skarred for life<br /> (208.81MB)
S02E22.03 Mandy bites dog<br /> (174.2MB)
S02E23.01 Nursery crimes<br /> (222.9MB)
S02E23.02 My peeps<br /> (188.79MB)
S02E24.01 Nigel Planter and the chamber pot of secrets<br /> (210.11MB)
S02E24.02 Circus of fear<br /> (202.52MB)
S02E25.01 Bully boogie<br /> (197.59MB)
S02E25.02 Here thar be dwarves!<br /> (217.62MB)
S02E26.01 Which came first<br /> (206.33MB)
S02E26.02 Substitute teacher<br /> (199.57MB)

Season 02 Completed, Enjoy!!

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