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Home » Pokemon Season 4: Johto League Champions [Hindi-Tamil-Telugu-English] Download (1080p FHD)

Pokemon Season 4: Johto League Champions [Hindi-Tamil-Telugu-English] Download (1080p FHD)

Pokemon Season 4: Johto League Champions [Hindi-Tamil-Telugu-English] Download (1080p FHD)
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Series Info

Show Name: Pokemon: Johto League Champions

Season No: 04

Total Episodes: 52

Genre: Animation | Action | Adventure

Language: Hindi + Tamil + Telugu + English (Multi Audio)

Duration: 22 Minutes (Each Episodes)

Size: 90-233MB (Each Episodes)

Quality: 1080pFHD x265 HEVC 10bit VootKids WEB-DL



From the sprawling metropolis of Goldenrod City to the icy peak of Snowtop Mountain, the Johto region presents Ash, Misty, and Brock with exciting new adventures—along with a few familiar faces like their old friends Todd, Duplica, and Suzie!

Note: Episodes arranged according to VootKids Releases.

All Episodes List!!

S04E401_A_Goldenrod_Opportunity<br /> (230.02MB)
S04E402_A_Dairy_Tale_Ending<br /> (300.49MB)
S04E403_Air_Time<br /> (214.9MB)
S04E404_The_Bug_Stops_Here<br /> (206.45MB)
S04E405_Type_Casting<br /> (173.58MB)
S04E406_Fossil_Fools<br /> (152.87MB)
S04E407_Carrying_On<br /> (175.71MB)
S04E408_Hassle_in_the_Castle<br /> (157.12MB)
S04E409_Two_Hits_and_a_Miss<br /> (211.59MB)
S04E410_A_Hot_Water_Battle<br /> (178.34MB)
S04E411_Hook_Line_and_Stinker<br /> (196.34MB)
S04E412_Beauty_and_the_Breeder<br /> (157.84MB)
S04E413_A_Better_Pill_to_Swallow<br /> (202.16MB)
S04E414_Power_Play<br /> (185.59MB)
S04E415_Mountain_Time<br /> (180.35MB)
S04E416_Wobbu_Palooza<br /> (179.61MB)
S04E417_Imitation_Confrontation<br /> (160.43MB)
S04E418_The_Trouble_With_Snubbull<br /> (173.7MB)
S04E419_Ariados_Amigos<br /> (193.13MB)
S04E420_Wings_N_Things<br /> (166.02MB)
S04E421_The_Grass_Route<br /> (177.0MB)
S04E422_The_Apple_Corp<br /> (188.91MB)
S04E423_Houndooms_Special_Delivery<br /> (175.7MB)
S04E424_A_Ghost_of_a_Chance<br /> (195.54MB)
S04E425_From_Ghost_to_Ghost<br /> (180.32MB)
S04E426_Troubles_Brewing<br /> (179.77MB)
S04E427_All_That_Glitters<br /> (198.79MB)
S04E428_The_Light_Fantastic<br /> (184.79MB)
S04E429_Unbearable<br /> (188.6MB)
S04E430_Moving_Pictures<br /> (202.97MB)
S04E431_Spring_Fever<br /> (209.34MB)
S04E432_Freeze_Frame<br /> (216.04MB)
S04E433_The_Stolen_Stones<br /> (232.8MB)
S04E434_The_Dunsparce_Deception<br /> (187.99MB)
S04E435_The_Wayward_Wobbuffet<br /> (189.7MB)
S04E436_Sick_Daze<br /> (189.16MB)
S04E437_Ring_Masters<br /> (180.84MB)
S04E438_The_Poke_Spokesman<br /> (155.19MB)
S04E439_Control_Freak<br /> (160.75MB)
S04E439_Control_Freak<br /> (160.75MB)
S04E440_The_Art_of<br /> (158.85MB)
S04E441_The_Heartbreak_of_Brock<br /> (197.66MB)
S04E442_Current_Events<br /> (192.65MB)
S04E444_Doin_What_Comes_Natu_rally<br /> (176.74MB)
S04E445_The_Big_Balloon_Blow_Up<br /> (208.59MB)
S04E446_The_Screen_Actors_Guilt<br /> (203.12MB)
S04E447_Right_on_Rhydon<br /> (195.44MB)
S04E449_The_Joy_of_Water<br /> (174.88MB)
S04E450_Got_Miltank<br /> (218.8MB)
S04E451_Fight_for_the_Light<br /> (198.35MB)
S04E452_Machoke_Machoke_Man<br /> (197.32MB)

Note: The Default Audio Of The Above Links Is Hindi, So Kindly Use MX/VLC Player For Your Desired Audios.

Season 04 Completed, Enjoy!!

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